'Fremont'에 해당하는 글 1건

리노드쪽 서버가 이상이 생긴듯 하다. Fremont 지역이 그렇다.

정전이란다. ㅜㅜ

Update - We have received word from our colocation provider that there has been a power event in a section of the Fremont datacenter. The affected space is where a critical part of the datacenter network is located. The datacenter's electric provider is working with staff to restore power as soon as possible. Please watch this status page for further updates.
May 30, 02:25 UTC
Identified - We are aware of an issue within our Fremont datacenter and are investigating at this time. We will provide additional information as it becomes available.
May 30, 01:47 UTC

미국지역도 안정적이 아닌듯 하네.

사고인지. 흠.


하루하루 즐거운일 하나씩, 행복한일 하나씩 만들어 가요.